December 28 (Day 32)  There are 4 tests this week, the first of which is on CPR this afternoon. The morning lectures covered 2 subjects: Wildland Firefighting and Rehabilitation (the process of taking tired firefighters on the scene of an...

·      Run up the stairs to the 5th floor and hoist a 75 pound hose bundle up through the window (lots of arm power required, and the window is 40 feet + above the ground),
·      Run back down the stairs and exit the drill tower.
The above steps MUST be complete in 7 minutes or less!
My first practice session was completed in 5 minutes, 28 seconds. Everything went smooth. I was breathing heavily after running up the stairs to the third floor with the hose bundle, but once into position with the charged hose line, I was able to slow my breathing and “rest” (relatively speaking!). The run up to the fifth floor was no sweat, and I could see the end in sight, but the hose bundle raise to the 5th floor window kicked my butt!
The afternoon physical training session was conducted at the Warner Coliseum again, and this time I ran around the concourse of the Coliseum and did calisthenics and stretches. Following the physical training hour, several us returned to the Training Center with our instructor, Bernie Vrona, and reviewed the practical testing stations for tomorrow’s State Certification Test.
I had easily passed the written test today, and the practice session for Friday’s Quarterly practical test had gone well. Two tests down….the hardest two to go!