December 24, 2009 – Day 31 This morning, we dug out from a 6 inch overnight snowfall. My fellow recruits and I showed up early to class and began shoveling out the sidewalks and stairs for the various buildings at the Training Facility. This...

Once we found a “victim” in the building, we assessed their medical condition, and rescued them by dragging them back to the doorway we had entered from the outside of the building.  The practical exercises were a graphic reinforcement of the morning’s lessons, and were a superb compliment to the firefighter survival and rescue exercises we had conducted yesterday afternoon. Combined, these two days of practical exercises (firefighter survival and Search and Rescue) were the most enjoyable days in class for me so far. ALL of it has been enjoyable, but these two days really posed some rigorous physical and mental challenges, put us through some strenuous physical training, and provided skills that would save our own lives, or the lives of our fellow firefighters and citizens. It was a most rewarding way to finish off “Week Seven!”
We were dismissed early today – no PT hour – but we had exercised plenty already, given the afternoon search and rescue practical sessions.