Self Storage facilities, what are the best safe storage guidelines

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When I found this blog I thought I just might have found the spot where I can talk to some professionals that know what they are talking about, about my particular problem.

My name is Thomas Holm and I may have met a few of you. During the 1980's my company, the Independant Safety Commission, trained way over a thousand fire personnel in alternative heating installation, operational safety and inspections. That was then. We worked with a lot of good people.

Today I am dealing with a different industry and need some sound advice. It's the self storage industry. An industry that has literally exploded over the last ten years and is suffering from many of the same problems the the alternative heating industry did then.

The government and code setting agencies have not caught up with the popularity and explosive growth of the self storage industry. As a result the fire departments and police departments are left picking up the pieces. Fires, explosions, thefts and all the criminal activities that may use such handy, easy to rent facilities.

I don't think I need to explain the breadth of the safety issue we are dealing with here. It is a very large topic. I am asking if you can give me some specific advise. We have been researching for many months and are in the process of developing "voluntary storage guidelines" for the self storage industry. They will be introduced to the industry in about 60 to 90 days. For the purpose of this post we are talking only about a set of guidelines that the individual renter or user of a storage unit would be contracted to abide by. In other words guidelines that every renter of a unit would be expected to comply with. Voluntary storage guidelines that only the facility management would be able to enforce via their contract with the renter.

Our research has produced many lists of good ideas. Too many, actually.

Here's my question.

Do you have any suggestions as to whom has the best, practical, self storage guideline policies? Not the building code problems like video cameras or fencing and access systems, but guidelines that establish what items or products may or may not be safely stored in a rental storage facility. Items like propane tanks, gun powder, live animals, and products that may be used to manufacture bombs and other explosives. Oily rags, oxide chemicals and gasoline are a few others. My lists can go on and on.

What is the best source that we could use to validate our research and safe storage reccommendations? Does anyone have a reccommendation on the best code source, concerning this problem?

I am trying to find a well respected safety source, with the broadest influence to work with.

Sincerily and thank-you,

Thomas Holm, founder of "the Safety Factor".