Where have all the Ladders Gone? (Part 2)

Part one of, "Where have all the ladders gone?" discussed ladder packaging, establishing a "Working Set" s an operational norm on all fires and the functions and responsibilities of first-due and second-due truck companies on the assignment.   In...

Company Officers need to take steps to assure all personnel assigned to their units have the ability to effectively perform laddering operations and have a solid understanding of ladder tactics as it relates to differing type of occupancies.  Nothing can take the place of hands-on training and real world ladder operations in full PPE not just helmets and gloves.  When we start wearing just helmets and gloves to structure fires, then our training should mirror that safe level of PPE. 


Since I don’t see that as a viable option, train the way you fight fire and train as though your life and the lives of your brothers and sister depend upon it, because it does.


Sit back and enjoy the "Cuppa"