I Ain't That Brilliant: I Just Take Good Notes and Share

Once again our Pastor at the Colts Neck Reformed Church, Scott Brown, started the wheels of my brain turning again during our sermon today. He said something that resonated with me. He stated that we should not make ourselves out to be more than we...

Let me share with you the fact that Ken McMahon from Delaware and I will be making a trip up to visit with Jack in Marlborough during the next couple of weeks. He is our buddy and we want to be there with him. While we have nothing more to offer than friendship and prayers, I will suggest to you how important these two things are. In good times and bad, prayer, friendship, and thanks have an important role to play in society.
So like I said at the outset here, I am not that brilliant, I just take good notes. My interviews and the notes I have accumulated have convinced me that prayer and medical skill have saved my friends life. These are things for all of us to celebrate. So join with me in a prayer for my friend Jack Peltier.