Want to Reach More People With Your Fire Safety Efforts? Give Facebook a Try!

Facebook is quickly becoming the tool of choice by many leading fire departments in helping spread the fire safety message. With more than 40 billion page views each month , Facebook is the sixth most trafficked site in the United States. For those...

As with Willis and Love, I, too, have discovered the many benefits of Facebook. These benefits include the ability to share timely fire safety tips as well as upcoming fire and life safety related events. Due to my travel schedule, for example, Facebook affords me the opportunity to keep abreast of the latest trends in fire safety as well as the latest risks in my community as I have less and less time to surf the web. Facebook puts everything in one convenient location for its users. If you are mobile, Facebook is so very convenient! Another valuable Facebook feature is the ability to upload photos and videos easily. Uploading videos and photos is a breeze, whether they be events that your organization has participated in or fire safety videos that you have produced. An added bonus on Facebook is the “Event” feature, which allows you to keep your audience informed relative to upcoming events.

Reflecting back on my experience with Facebook, it has literally changed my life as a fire and life safety educator and it could very easily change yours too if you have not started a page yet. To learn more about what others are doing, simply click on http://www.facebook.com/pages/?browse and browse the numerous fan pages. You will be glad you did. Lastly, should you discover a favorite Facebook page, please consider sharing it with us. We want to hear all about it, and we will do our level best to pass it along to others as an example.

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