An Introduction

Cygnus Publications has offered me the best opportunity I have had in a long time.  They have provided me with the necessary space to share my view of the world with you.  It will be my privilege to share my thoughts, hope, and dreams for the future of the fire service within the confines of this new venue. 

You may be wondering why I have chosen to call this new blog, "The View from My Front Porch."  The reason is really quite simple.  Some of my best thinking has been done out there on the front porch of the Carter Family Estate in beautiful downtown Adelphia.  The photo that has been provided to you portrays the actual view I am privileged to see every time I head on out to the porch to fire up a stogie, and put my thinking cap on.

There are no promises as to what I will say or how often I will post my thoughts.  I will try to put things up as they come to me.  Unlike the other bloggers on this site, I will not limit myself to any single topic.  Sometimes I will share love and joy with you, while at other times you may be treated to a bit of sarcasm.  Heck, I may even call a couple of people dumb-asses.  You never know how a week will play out.  We shall see what we shall see. 

I want you to know that it will be my pleasure to actively mine your replies to my words for such nuggets of wisdom as may be found out there in the world of fire service knowledge.  Heck, you might inspire me, or cause me to go off on a rant.  Who knows?  That is the fun of this blogging business. 

Let me promise you the following:

  • All of the material will be presented within the accepted bounds of literary propriety, 
  • All of my material will be fresh.
  • All of the opinions will be mine.
  • I will make some people think.
  • I will make some people happy.
  • I will make some people mad.

There you have it my friends.  Stand by for your periodic blast of verbiage which will be inspired by The View from my Front Porch.