Views from the Jumpseat!


Have you ever had a day like this? We all have “those day’s” every now and then, we just need to stop and remember our training. Relying on the skills learned in the past can take the mess and set it straight. This picture was taken at a job skills test of our latest rookie class. How often in our career’s have we had time’s where we acted like rookies again. Some day’s no matter what you do; something is going to go wrong. In order to deal with these situations we must be prepared. By prepared I am referring to drilling, learning, and drilling some more for the things that can and will go wrong.   When was the last time that you drilled on the simplest of tasks that break down? The cross lay knotting up or your SCBA straps are not adjusted properly. Maybe we need to prepare for the unexpected so when it happens we will be prepared. You will never know when the day will come when the bell hits and we rush out the door just to get all tied up! Thanks again for reading "Views from the Jumpseat"!