Welcome to the "Craft of Fire" Blog Spot

Hello and welcome to the “Craft of Fire” blog spot. It is a tremendous opportunity to work with Firehouse.com on this new and exciting project. It is my intent to discuss successful fireground operations and some not so successful operations in an examination of things that go right and things that go wrong.  When we look at our culture, one thing is very apparent.  The price of failure in our profession and particularly on the fireground is not a silver medal or a do-over.  All too often it is measured in injury and death.  We don’t have the luxury of instant-replay or even a time-out.  Yet, in those professions that do, they seem to place more emphasis on the mission focused approach of winning, than we do on getting our job done and getting our people home. Yes, we are busy and yes many are understaffed, yet, that is just another excuse in a long line of excuses for failing to approach our job functions in a manner in which we identify the shortfalls and emphasis our strengths.  Use strategic objectives which have positive outcomes based upon all complexities we may face by using the best tactical advantage on the firegound, and require and even demand, yes I said demand our personnel are both trained, and physically cap[able of doing the job functions assigned. In this blog we will go deep into the psyche of the Commanders Mindset, and the purpose of Mission Focused Command.  We will discuss the context of Physical and Fireground Inoculation and stress training programs to ensure positive outcomes in situations when the world has turned brown.  In the immortal words of John Wayne, “Courage is being scared to death, and saddling up anyway”..Lets saddle up together have some fun.