Fire Safety Tip for Educators

When doing some research to share some winter safety tips from the United States Fire Administration, I was a bit surprised to find that they were collaborating with NFPA. 

Their Put a Freeze on Winter Fires page has some great resources for winter fire safety that you might find useful. In addition to some great stats like, “Winter residential building fires result in an estimated average of 945 deaths, 3,825 injuries, and $1,708,000,000 in property loss each year” that would be useful in PSA’s and other mediums, such as your social media sites, the page is full of safety tips, downloadable materials and all sorts of items to help you with your fire prevention programming and activities. 

You can even find winter related podcasts as well as Winter Fire Safety Winter Public Service Announcements (PSAs), both already made, as well as text. There is even a form-fillable poster! Winter fire safety ads for web use are also on the site. How wonderful is that? 

I hope that you enjoy this site and can add it to your fire safety education toolbox. 

Until next time, stay safe!