Another Resource for your Fire and Life Safety Education Toolbox

One of the things that I enjoy doing when I have some down time, is to surf the web to find resources to assist the fire safety dogs and I with our fire safety programming.
This morning, I stumbled upon videos made with Rob Neale, Deputy Superintendent of the United States Fire Administration. Not only is there one video, there are several! I feel as though I hit the fire safety jackpot!
In this particular series, Mr. Neale shares techniques on how to build an enjoyable and safe recreational fire in the home. In addition, he shares how to maintain a fire in the fireplace safely.
Some of the videos in this series include:
  • Fireplace safety
  • Visual Inspection of a fireplace, inside and out
  • Defining types of fireplaces
  • Choosing firewood and laying a fire in the fireplace                   
On the site are also some valuable statistics to have for your fire prevention toolbox.
What are some ways in which you can utilize these videos? A few suggestions would be to post the link to your Facebook page, embed the video on your website or blog, show the video during a fire safety presentation to a civic group, etc... The possibilities are endless!
In addition, you can supplement the video with resources from the USFA's Put a Freeze on Winter Fires website that I mentioned on one of my recent blog posts.
So there you have it, another resource that is free and can provide valuable safety tips to help keep those in your community safe. You can find the website with the videos HERE.
Until next time, stay safe!