A Golden Fire Safety Nugget

There is nothing quite like finding an unexpected surprise on the web. This evening, while surfing the web looking up some data, I stumbled upon this golden nugget, a page on the USFA for Kids website.

If you are like me and you feel as though you have seen everything the site has to offer, you may be wrong! With new things added on their site all the time, you might want to occasionally surf around the site to take advantage of the latest offerings. By doing this, you might find even more great tools for your fire and life safety education toolbox!

While digging around, I found lesson plans for

There are even free downloadable materials in both English and Spanish. Bonus!

Here's one of my favorite pages, the Escape Planning page: http://www.usfa.fema.gov/kids/lesson/lesson_plan_ep.shtm.

Haven't shared a picture of little squirt, Siren [the Fire Safety Dog], lately. Here's is one of his latest pictures celebrating the New Year. My little guy is all grown up!

Now that you have another "nugget" for your toolbox, what's stopping you? Let's get busy and save some lives!

Until next time, stay safe!