Reputation Equity in the Fire Service

What's your reputation worth? If you think about it, your reputation as a firefighter in your community is worth the value of the reputations of 1.6 million firefighters in this country. Any and every person, family, business and organization coming into contact with you sees the brand - either a firefighter or fire department - through you and just you.

Our citizens rarely differentiate between jurisdictions. They only see fire department. And when they are in trouble they only see you.

There is no greater honor than contributing to that brand equity. It's like constantly reinvesting in our brand and reputation. It's an investment for our future so you can continue to be public servants.

Think about it so we make sure our thoughts, words and deeds support our mission. Considering the cynicism in our society, especially toward business and politics, the opportunity has never been greater to market that brand, fire department; the living, breathing extension of that brand is you: the firefighter.