The View from My Front Porch: Safety

Perhaps your first question upon reading the title of this blog is to ask why I have used the name of my blog column to serve as the title of this visit with you. The reason is simple. As I sit on my front `motor vehicle from the lowly bicycle to the...

We have worked to raise the awareness of the people who operate out on our highways. Our audience encompasses the world of fire personnel, EMSproviders, police, and towing operators. On our website we have a wide variety of educational programs, tips, tactics, and training tools.

We also have the Responder Safety Learning Network where you can enroll to take our latest on-line training offerings. It is critical to train your people to work out there on the highways and byways of your response area. Why do I stress training so greatly? I do this for a simple reason, because there are so many millions of untrained people operating their motor vehicles on the roads around us.

Let's look at it this way. Even if my associates and I were able to somehow train every emergency responder, police officer, EMT and tow truck operator to the proper operational level that would only cure a fraction of the problem. These well-trained folks would still be out there operating on our highways and byways in the midst of literally millions and millions of untrained and largely impatient motor vehicle operating citizens. 

What do I mean by this? Quite simply if the people that I see driving past my home are any indication of the total package of drivers acrossAmerica, well my friends, you and I are in trouble. People talking on the cell phones, texting, arguing, zooming by other cars on the right shoulder, and screeching up behind cars that actually stop before making a right turn on red.

 There are normally a couple of accidents a year at the intersection and this year there was a three-car wreck on my front lawn. Oh yeah it's real dangerous out there. I am also guessing that it is pretty much the same where you live. If for no other reason, this should stimulate you to insure that you do all you can to be sure that your firefighters are prepared to operate safely. 

But where can I get the latest information on highway safety training opportunities? That is an easy question for me to answer. Let me invite you to visit us at the CVVFA's flagship site: We have a wide variety of training literature and programs available for you to review. We also have our new training modules that I encourage you to use.

Stay safe.