Carter: Saying Farewell to My Best Friend

Following is the eulogy that Harry Carter will be giving at the memorial service for Jack Peltier on Saturday, Dec. 15 at Immaculate Conception Church in Marlborough, MA. Carter asked that we share this on so that their buddies who are...

But one living part of his legacy is my current series of articles in Firehouse Magazine entitled, "Riding the Right Front Seat." One day Jack called me to tell me that he had decided that he and I needed to share what we both knew about being a company officer. He asked me to come up with a title and a list of suggested topics. He then took great pains to round off the rough edges of my list and then suggested a few more topics than I had listed.

My friends, as you read the words in the magazine, I want you to pause and think of Jack. Imagine that he is saying them to you. I know that is what I am going to do.

Let me close by saying that there is going to be a great big open spot in each of our lives. Trust me when I say that this loss will be felt in different ways for each of us. As for me, I shall most miss our daily phone calls. Many were the times that Jack and I would go on and on about the problems of the fire service. Then he would tell me a bit about his family and I would share a story about mine. Or I might call him from the scene of an emergency and solicit his opinion. Or it could be that he would call me and tell me that yet another idiot had smacked a tree out on I-495. This was an everyday part of our lives.

Rest assured my friends that as I sit out on my front porch puffing on my favorite cigar, I will still be sharing my thoughts with Jack. Only now it will be my heart that will be listening for his reply.