Did You Achieve Your 2012 Goals?

As the door closes on another wonderful year, it is time to reflect and review our performance of the past year while making some new goals for 2013. Words cannot express how thankful I am to all of you who read the Views from the Jumpseat. When I receive the numbers of how many times Views has been read I just sit in amazement and humbly say a prayer of thanks. 

One of the best parts of blogging here on Firehouse.com is the opportunity to share my views, goals, and experiences. 

Late last year, I made the decision that 2012 would be the first year that I would publicly express some of my goals through this blog. Let us look to see if they were achieved.

  1. Stay more active around the fire station:  This one was hit and miss as the call volume stayed steady.  I would say overall after making this goal I have gotten a little better. 
  2. Mentor a new person in the fires service: Overwhelming success. This past year I help one career firefighter start, three volunteer firefighters get started, and one more begin paramedic class.  This is the most rewarding goal of all!
  3. Learn something new every shift: Another success! Having a crew like mine, this goal comes easy.
  4. Prepare for promotion:  Unfortunately, the promotional exam was pushed back to 2013, so this goal is ongoing. I have been studying and will keep you posted.
  5. Continue to share my views and write 10 articles for Firehouse.com: Another half win. My blog count reached above 40 and articles fell short with three. I will  revisit this one in 2013

As we reflect back on 2012, this was a successful year that had its ups and downs for this jumpseat riding firefighter.  National news aside, 2012 brought new challenges and great rewards. From Bowers Beach, DE, to to Columbus, OH I had the opportunity to travel and share the message of safety while dealing with emergencies in hoarding conditions. It was an honor and I hope my message helps prepare firefighters everywhere for this danger.

I must admit that goal setting has not been a huge priority in my life. This needs to change as they can offer direction, motivation, and a measure of how you are progressing in your fire service career. We all should sit down with pad and pen to write down a set of personal and professional goals for the next year.    

I look forward to another year of views, goals, interaction, and inspiration from all the readers of Views From the Jumpseat! Happy New Year everyone and let’s make 2013 the safest year yet!

Bunker up, buckle in, and remember that we all start in the Jumpseat!