A Fire Prevention Gold Mine

On January 2, the United States Fire Administration created a new page on Heating Fire Safety: Wood Stoves, Space Heaters and Fireplaces. This page is a gold mine for your fire prevention toolbox!

With portable heater fires in homes peaking in January by 26 percent, this site will help keep those in your community safe. The site features a valuable Portable Heater safety sheet that includes a fillable space to include your fire department or organization’s logo, as well as statistics and other useful information.

Just for fun, I decided to see if the site had a photo gallery with heating safety images and I was thrilled to find that there was a page complete with 17 fireplace and space heater photos! These photos can be used free of charge in your print publications as well as in your fire safety videos (please be sure to include that the images are courtesy of the United States Fire Administration).

Are you in heaven yet? Just think of the possibilities!

I’ve included a photo the Fire Safety Dogs and I did with the site’s portable heater page. It was easy to include our image in the fillable form and save as a pdf. No funding to print the poster? Consider sharing the file on your social media sites or asking your local civic organization or printing company to take care of the costs.

Have fun with this valuable tool to help keep those in your community safe.

Until next time, stay safe!

Firefighter Dayna and the Fire Safety Dogs