Memorial Day: Honor The Fallen by Staying Safe

All responders make some sacrifice, but not all have to give all. We can honor those who have gone before us by training hard and staying safe always.

We can, and should do better than that. We know it’s a dangerous profession, but we can be safer and live longer.

As we barbecue this Memorial Day weekend or visit in-laws and get the boat out for the first time of the season, don’t forget to take a few minutes to bow your head, or look to the skies and say thank you to those in the military and the public safety fields who have gone before us.

The best way to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice is by doing our best to avoid joining their ranks. We appreciate what they have given and will never forget them. But to do that, and to continue our sworn duty, we have to go home safe.

This Memorial Day, keep the fallen veterans and public servants in your heart and make a commitment to honor them year round by making sure everyone stays safe and everyone goes home.