In The Market For Stuff? Go Have Some Fun

Fire departments shouldn't consider purchasing a chore. Firefighters should enjoy the process and recognize it as chance to try out new stuff and have some fun.

Two years ago at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) show in Indianapolis, I was shown a prototype nozzle made by Task Force Tips (TFT). It looked pretty normal – a high-quality nozzle. Then, I was shown what seemed like a magic trick. A detent collar was twisted and the whole front of the nozzle flipped down revealing a smooth bore nozzle kind of inside.

That nozzle is now in full production and TFT is calling it the FlipTip.

The design gives the user the ability to choose between a smooth bore and a combination nozzle with a fog pattern, in both automatic and selectable gallonage configurations.

It’s an ingenious design, one that has the potential to end the struggle between the folks who want a smooth bore and those who want combination nozzles with fixed, selectable, or automatic capabilities.

After seeing the FlipTip at the show, reading a little more about it, we made contact with a local vendor and set up a demonstration date.

At a training exercise, when went to a local river, set up water supply, set up an attack engine and flowed a lot of water. A neighboring department joined in and we had a great evening of flowing water and testing the new nozzle.

The consensus – we want some. The order is on the way.

We have other nozzles too some made by Akron Brass, some made by Elkhart Brass and even a master stream device made by POK of North America Inc. We’re an equal opportunity purchaser. If we need it and it’s good quality, we’re interested in it. The trick is to do you research, learn about the companies with which you do business and make wise decisions.

Firefighters like new stuff, so why not try out new things and new products when they are developed. A lot of fire service manufacturers and suppliers are run by firefighters and even owned by people with fire service backgrounds.

They know what we need and often, the products they develop help them resolve issues and challenges they’ve encountered.

So, when it comes time to buy stuff, go on line, pick up a catalog, go to a show, call your dealer and do your homework.

Then try it out and above all else, have some fun.