Pennington: How Hot is Too Hot?

As busy summer keeps us all running around, between our kids' functions, vacations, and  celebrations, we all need to stop and analyze just how hot our last structural fire was. Being the aggressive firefighters that we are, sometimes it can get us...

Before the comments start flowing in below about how the jumpseat guy is saying don’t go in to fires, let’s squash that right here. We do go into fires! We shouldn’t go into a flashover that is getting ready to happen.  It’s a suicide mission to crawl into a superheated environment, with your ears burning, while you head should be telling you get out. If you discover that you are getting too hot don’t be afraid to come out and readjust your tactics. While the macho mentality still is among us, this jumpseat rider thinks that true courage is making the right decisions at the right time to make sure we all go home.

Thanks for the visit to the jumpseat!