Reaching to the Sky-pe for Fire Prevention

I have often talked about how technology can be your friend on my Playing it Safe blog here on and how it can help you with your fire safety efforts.

While preparing for a presentation that I will make later today for the Georgia Fire Safety Symposium,

“Integrating Technology into Fire Safety Education,” it prompted me to put together a video to share with educators.

In the video, you will learn about the benefits of Skyping, learn how to Skype and set up a Skype visit and much, much more.

Not only can Skyping be a means of sharing educationally sound fire safety messages, it is perfect for those departments with limited budgets and personnel. You can reach more schools and more grades than ever before, and, best of all: IT’S FREE! All you need is a computer and a webcam, and you are on your way! Sound easy? It is!

Thanks to Skype, the Fire Safety Dogs and I have reached thousands of children in over 15 states and five countries. Imagine how many children you could reach within your district!

I am happy to share links to resources that we use in our Skype program (our materials are copyrighted and may not be adapted). Please be creative in developing your own materials specific to your programming needs or feel free to utilize our materials.



Best of luck in your fire safety efforts and we hope that you enjoy these resources for your fire prevention toolbox!

Until next time: Stay safe!