Karpluk: Ethics Lessons from Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Canadian Fire Chief Les Karpluk uses some of Mayor Rob Ford's tales to illustrate the importance of ethics in the fire service.

On Nov. 15, 2013 Mayor Rob Ford’s ship sank; he crashed and burned when he publicly made revolting sexual comments about a former female staffer. His shocking comments brought immediate reaction from city councilors that starting calling for his resignation. But, it’s ok, because later in the day, he apologized for his crude remarks…again.

At the end of the day ethics is not only about a fundamental understanding of common values and principles where we clearly understand the difference between right and wrong - it demands of us to regularly examine our moral and ethical compass to ensure that ethical codes of conduct are not only based upon sound principles - but adhered too.

Let’s remember that the actions of one key political individual do not reflect upon the great people of Toronto. A sincere apology goes a long way, but as the world watches the events unfold on the Rob Ford story it is obvious that he has made a mockery out the meaning “sincere apology” and his actions should be a lesson for all to see.

Maybe its time to check and make sure the ethical compass in our departments is clearly visible for all to see.  

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