PPE: More Comfort Equals More Safety

It’s true: PPE enhances safety only when it’s worn the way it was designed to be worn. There are times when PPE isn’t worn as it should because the user isn’t properly trained; other times it isn’t worn correctly because the user is trying to...

The present: Today, plain weaves and rip-stops are becoming a thing of the past as twill weaves allow much more comfort and flexibility.  With the inclusion of filament yarns as is done with Filament Twill TechnologyTM, twill weaves can be 2, 3, and even 4 times higher in tear strength than the strongest rip-stop weaves. A twill weave with spun and filament yarns adds more than enough strength plus recognized flexibility, mobility, and comfort eliminating the need for rip-stop weaves.

The Future of Fire Service Turnout Gear Fabrics

The future of fire service fabrics is evolving: Firefighters want lighter and more flexible turnout gear without sacrificing durability or protection.  The next generation of break through fabrics will likely contain innovative fibers that are non-existent today: think Star Wars.  Until then, technologies like Filament Twill Technology™ in PBI Max™ and Armor™ outer shells and Glide™ thermal liners will continue to replace stiff and uncomfortable rip-stop weaves found in aging technologies.