Mills: Winter Weather Creates Hunker Down Mode

As extreme weather has stretched across the country, Cynthia Mills had many preparations to do while her husband was on duty at the fire stations.

By nightfall, we are ready.  The kitty’s paw is back to normal, so I can cancel the appointment in the morning and save the veterinary bill for another time.  Meals are prepared.  The ducks and chickens are ready.  Our cats and dog all have back-up heat sources and all of our own needs can be met as well.  I feel ready.  My firefighter felt fairly helpless most of the day, but thankfully took on the task of assembling the kerosene heater and getting it ready to use, if need be.  We’ve covered all our bases.

Now, as I sit here with my family, I can relax and know that I don’t have to go anywhere.  No one needs me to do anything.  And if there’s something that requires my attention outside of the home, it can wait until the weekend, when it’s going to be sunny and 68 degrees again.

For now, I’ll just enjoy looking at the icicles outside and sitting in our cozy house with my family.

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