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  • "What We Have Here is A Failure to Communicate"

    By Ben May - Thursday July 15, 2010
    Over the last year I am constantly struck by the lack of of understanding between two simple terms: " marketing and sales." This has everything to do with the way many of us go about gaining financial support, especially in the very...
  • Our Customers-Our Family

    By Ben May - Thursday April 29, 2010
    Recently, I met with Chief Richard Collins of Osceola County Florida Fire and Rescue: one of the larger departments in the state.  We were talking about marketing and public affairs plans. I kept using the word that has become common-place with...
  • Quality and Why Who We Are Matters So Much

    By Ben May - Saturday March 13, 2010
    Last Friday I had the privilege of giving the final keynote to attendees of the CPSE-Center for Public Service Excellence- Conference in Orlando. This is the group responsible for administering accreditation to the fire service. The organization has...
  • Marketing the Fire Service: The Long Burn

    By Ben May - Wednesday February 17, 2010
    Marketing for the Fire Service Today   What is it Marketing Anyway? We can’t really talk about marketing until we have a definition upon which we all agree. And before we go through that exercise we should ask ourselves if we can benefit from...
  • Why Telling People about the Fire Service Matters So Much

    By Ben May - Wednesday February 3, 2010
     When Pete Matthews asked me to consider writing a Blog for Firehouse.Com I was really honored.   You may wonder why this might be because I have been fortunate enough to write a column on marketing for both Firehouse Magazine and Firehouse.Com for...