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  • A Visit with Captain Peggy Harrell, Fire Safety Education Coorinator from the Plano (TX) Fire Department

    By Dayna Hilton - Thursday April 1, 2010
    Thank you to everyone who contacted me regarding the Fire Safety Traveling Trunk information on my last Playing it Safe blog post. If you currently utilize a fire safety traveling trunk, I would love to hear from you!   This month on the...
  • "You Called 911 for What?!"

    By Jennifer Hannux - Wednesday March 31, 2010
    Have you ever been called to an emergency or heard a dispatch and thought "they called 911 for what?!"  or have showed up on scene to find the most unusual, frustrating, or down right perplexing situation?  There is a website that is completely...
  • Vicarious Learning

    By Doug Cline - Monday March 29, 2010
    Over the past 3 months I have had the opportunity to be in a lot of different regions of the United States and I have taken that opportunity to conduct a study of just how well we have the basics of our job down. This was accomplished by asking what...
  • Looking for ARFF training facility still using Carbon Fuels

    By Brian Smith - Monday March 22, 2010
    I am trying to find a ARFF  training facility still using carbon fuel for live fire burns, if anyone can help me  out that would be awesome! Thanks  
  • You called 911 for What?!

    By Jennifer Hannux - Monday March 22, 2010
    Every emergency worker has uttered (or thought) "You called 911 for what?!". Whether referring to blatant 911 abuse or the most absurd and unusual emergency situation there are situations where you can't help but seriously wonder what goes through...
  • How Much Fire Department Do You Need: A Continuing View

    By Dr. Harry Carter - Sunday March 21, 2010
    Let me pick up where we left off last in my last blog entry. In my community review here in Adelphia I looked at a number of issues. In line with this, a solid plan for the future has allowed us to budget for growth over time. It is better to...
  • FireFighter Ringtone...Gotta Have It!!!

    By Chris Ratcliff - Wednesday March 17, 2010
    Talk about pride and ownership...... We found a ringtone every REAL firefighter must have. Check it out on Itunes or any other online music store for the ringtone "Firefighters Step on the Scene." Be the first in your house to own it.... We found it on...
  • Ranting and Bullying: The New Form of Discourse

    By Dr. Harry Carter - Wednesday March 17, 2010
    Like many of you, I love the fire service. Like many of you, I have been battling the forces of ignorance and evil for a long time. The battle has been long and the battle has been hard. So what do I have to show for my decades of speaking out as an...
  • The Predictability of Performance In Structures during Suppression Operations

    By Christopher J. Naum - Wednesday March 17, 2010
    The essence of fire service suppression operations is predicated upon the deployment and application of water as an extinguishing agent, in sufficient quantities, location and duration to extinguish a fire within an enclosed structural compartment. The...
  • Fire Safety Traveling Trunk

    By Dayna Hilton - Monday March 15, 2010
    One of the things that I have enjoyed as a fire safety educator has been learning all of the innovative things that other educators from across the country do to help keep those in their communities fire safe.    In my early years, I was...