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The View from my Front Porch - Join Dr. Harry Carter as he shares his wisdom from personal and fire service life experiences.

  • Carter: Where is the Next Generation?

    By Dr. Harry Carter - Tuesday March 11, 2014
    As I sit here in my hotel room in Las Vegas I am pondering the relative worth of all that I have done, am doing, and hope to do for my fellow travelers in the world of fire protection.  My associates and I are here for the annual general meeting of the...
  • Carter: Organizational Knowledge is the New Challenge

    By Dr. Harry Carter - Monday February 3, 2014
    The other day it was my good fortune to read an interesting article on a Wall Street Journal blog.  It spoke to the many problems in government at the national level.  It spoke to the problems inherent in the law which has come to be known as...
  • Carter: The Importance of Knowledge

    By Dr. Harry Carter - Tuesday November 19, 2013
    Many have been the occasions during my career when I held myself up to you as a spokesman for wisdom and enlightenment. Many times I have tried to take the moral high ground as I sought to discuss my feelings about sharing, knowledge with others via the...
  • Carter: Each of Us Is Truly Our Brothers' Keeper

    By Dr. Harry Carter - Tuesday November 12, 2013
    As is my way, I was out on the front porch the other day puffing and pondering the fate of the world.  It was a beautiful Fall day and the temperature was up into the low 60's.  It was truly a beautiful day to be witnessing the glory of a beautiful...
  • Carter: Lessons in Compromise and Negotiation

    By Dr. Harry Carter - Saturday October 26, 2013
    How many of you are familiar with the name of Henry Clay?  He was a Whig Party Senator from Kentucky and is possibly best remembered as the one who crafted the Great Compromise of 1850.  In that agreement a number of states agreed to positions over...
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