Action Radio & Commnications, Inc.

Action Radio & Commnications, Inc.


P-25 Two-Way RADIOS & ACCESSORIES, Pagers, Emergency vehicle equipment, sales and service. We feature products from major manufacturers such as Kenwood, Motorola, Vertex, Standard, Icom, and more. Need it in a hurry? Large inventories of several products and accessories are available to ship same day. Pay by credit card or set up an account. Our installation technicians are well known for quality installations of equipment into public safety vehicles. We specialize in covert and undercover vehicles.

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Icom's commitment to P25 technology

Product From Action Radio & Commnications, Inc.

Finally, there is a choice in the public safety radio market. Icom is proud to offer MIL-SPEC rugged P25 radios that meet or exceed grant requirements governing agency purchases. We're developing an entire family of P25 products that allow government leaders and purchasing agents the opportunity to make the most of their budgets, with the potential to put more units in the field for the same price. Digital technology is here to stay, and so is Icom. We have nearly 45 years experience in building reliable, cutting-edge radio equipment that's coveted the world over. Count on us!

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