Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC (ALCO-LITE)

Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC (ALCO-LITE)

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We invented the first aluminum fire ladder in 1930.  We are the sole manufacturer of the ALCO-LITE ground fire ladders. 

The ALCO-LITE name is synonymous with quality, dependability, and service.  For these reasons, Alco-Lite fire ladders are used by all types of departments, paid and volunteer, large and small, throughout the United States and the world.  These departments have found, over the years that ALCO-LITE is a name upon which you can stand. 

  • P.O. Box 6408
  • 1430 West Darlington Street
  • Florence, SC 29502
  • USA
  • Phone: 843-662-2595
  • Toll Free: 800-752-2526
  • Fax: 877-471-3087
  • Website:

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ALCO-LITE Ground Fire Ladders / Meets and/or exceeds N.F.P.A. 1931 Standards

Product From Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC (ALCO-LITE)

Pumper Roof Ladders, Pumper 2 Section Ladders, Pumper 3 Section Ladders

Truss Roof Ladders, Truss 2 Section Ladders, Truss 3 Section Ladders

Attic Ladders

Folding Ladders

Combination Ladders

Boom Ladders

Stair Rescue Units

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