Anti Terrorism Accreditation Board

Anti Terrorism Accreditation Board

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"ATAB Establishing a Safe Standard for Responders to Terrorist Incidents"

The Anti Terrorism Accreditation board in conjunction with several terrorism response associations has developed a safety standard and training course to provide responders to crisis incidents the information necessary to make safe decisions when responding to incidents.

Applicants are provided with over 800 books and publications on terrorism as well as 40 Power Point presentations addressing most types of terrorist attacks. These Power Points and materials may be used as study materials for the CAS exam to determine if you qualify for the Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist Designation. Certifications in Cyber Terrorism Response, Physical Security, Maritime Security, IT Security and Computer Forensics.  Join other distinguished Terrorism Responders and earn your CAS. Exam waiver is available to qualified applicants. Check our web site at or call 703-880-5212 for additional information email us at for a free power point.

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