David Clark Co., Inc.

David Clark Co., Inc.

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The trademarked green domes of the David Clark Company products can be found virtually anywhere communication is hindered by high noise. On fire-fighting apparatus and ambulances to inside railroad locomotives, around auto racetracks, and heavy construction equipment-wherever noise is present, a David Clark Company system can provide a solution for enhanced safety, hearing protection, and clear communications.

The Series 3800 Vehicle Intercom System enables personnel on fire and other emergency apparatus to communicate clearly - without interference from air horns, vehicle noise, and sirens. Crewmembers can identify and coordinate significant risks, assignments, and solutions en route to the scene in a calm and orderly manner.

In use by thousands of emergency service departments, the Series 3800 Vehicle Intercom System is an extremely versatile "workhorse" able to accommodate most vehicle and system design requirements. It can be installed on Fire Apparatus, Ambulances, and Utility vehicles of all types.

David Clark Company prides itself on customer service. They have built their standing on three powerful words:

  • PROVEN - the Series 3800 Vehicle Intercom System is proven to work each and every time, and most of all, it is proven to last;
  • ESTABLSHED - David Clark has established a solid reputation on quality and workmanship; and above all it is
  • TRUSTED - More fire departments and emergency personnel use the David Clark Series 3800 Vehicle Intercom System for these three - very important - reasons. Let us help you have the confidence in the equipment you choose to protect your personnel.

For more information on the Series 3800 Vehicle Intercom System or to talk with a specialist, please contact David Clark Company Incorporated at (800) 298-6235 or E-Mail sales@davidclark.com. Please visit our website at www.davidclark.com/IntercomSys/3800System.html.

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