Drmy For Firefighters

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985 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone: 914-439-5328

This holiday season & throughout the year why not try something a little different and raise funds for the vital needs of your fire house as well as provide children with toys that feature firefighters?

Do-Re-Me & You!, educational and developmental products for children offers a unique opportunity for firefighters to not only do something that they know so well, giving back to the community, but also enables your fire house to raise money to keep your programs strong.

When you do a fundraiser with me, you can receive either money or free product for your percentage of the show. Do-Re-Me & You! contributes 17%25 of total retail sales.

Plus using these items, as a fundraising product gives your firefighters the opportunity to do safety training in the community with an added benefit!

Prototype website www.nyfirehouse.bravehost.com