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DuPont Personal Protection

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DuPont is committed to protecting people. From first responders to industrial workers, DuPont provides protective apparel solutions to meet your safety needs. DuPont Personal Protection offers a wide range of proven, science-based solutions including some of the most trusted brands in the industry: Tyvek® for dry particulate hazards; Tychem® for liquid and gas chemical hazards; Nomex® and Protera® for thermal hazards and Kevlar® for cut and abrasion protection.Firefighters and emergency personnel around the world rely on turnout gear, EMS wear, Stationwear and accessories made of Nomex® and Kevlar® brand fibers. Unlike other materials and fibers available to firefighters and emergency service personnel, garments and accessories made of Nomex® are inherently flame-resistant and won't melt, drip or support combustion in the air. And, the thermal protection offered by Nomex® is permanent - its superior flame resistance cannot be washed out or worn away.DuPont™ Kevlar® enhances the overall durability and strength of lightweight turnout gear outershell and thermal liner systems. Kevlar®, when woven into Nomex® or used with another blend such as PBI, further enhances tear strength and abrasion resistance of outershells and thermal liners.

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DuPont Launches Next-Generation Multi-Hazard Protection

Product From DuPont Personal Protection

As part of its focus on protecting people, DuPont announced the launch of DuPont™ Nomex® MHP fabrics, the latest breakthrough in flame resistant innovations.

Nomex® MHP offers inherent, multi-hazard protection that can help keep wearers safe from a variety of thermal hazards, including heat and flame, arc flash and small molten metal splashes in hazardous industrial areas.

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