eCore Software Solutions

Company Details:
PO Box 550383
10725 Plano Road, Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75355

Phone: 214-221-6515

eCore Software Solutions provides a suite of Management Tools on the internet - making them available anywhere, anytime. Net Manager Pro is an enterprise web solution combining records management, inventory control, and NFIRS 5.0 incident reporting into one easily accessible tool. Net Scheduler Pro is a web-based tool for automated employee scheduling, payroll management, and employee timekeeping. Use both tools for your complete organization management, or use them independently to satisfy a specific need. eCore uses top technology to ensure fast access and data updates. Our high performance servers are protected with the latest firewall technology. Backups are performed hourly - you can be assured that your data is always protected! Leasing options make Net Manager Pro and Net Scheduler Pro affordable to any organization of any size. Call or email for a login ID to one of our demonstration websites. Remember, they're on the web - no need to download special software!