Emergency Technologies, Inc. (ETI)

Emergency Technologies, Inc. (ETI)


Emergency Technologies, Inc. (ETI) develops enterprise-class software solutions exclusively for medium and large fire & EMS agencies. ETI’s products include Visual Fire, a NFIRS 5 compliant Fire Records Management System (FRMS), and Visual EMS, a NEMSIS Gold compliant Patient Care Reporting System (E-PCR). Both applications integrate seamlessly with multiple Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) vendors. Visual Fire / Visual EMS Mobile offers full functionality on tablets or laptops in the field, so personnel can continue work as if they are in the station and connected to the network. Visual Fire / Visual EMS Mobile automatically synchronizes data from multiple laptops so that all users access the most current data.


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Visual Fire and Visual EMS

Product From Emergency Technologies, Inc. (ETI)

Visual Fire is a robust, enterprise-class, fully integrated, NFIRS 5 compliant system of modules that offer complete management of fire prevention, suppression, and EMS patient information. Visual Fire's modules can be used separately, but are all tightly integrated with each other. Visual Fire interfaces with multiple Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) providers.

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