Essex Industries, Inc.

Essex Industries, Inc.

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Providing a variety of critical oxygen distribution systems and accessories to EMS air and ground transports, Essex Industries has taken proven technology from our aerospace equipment and applied it to meet the needs of this important market.  When disasters or emergencies occur, our products supply life-saving means for police, firefighters and EMS personnel.

Whether delivering oxygen to a single patient with a converter found in an ambulance or tending to seventy victims simultaneously with the Mass Oxygen Distribution System (MODS), first responders have come to rely on Essex Industries.
In addition to oxygen distribution systems, other products support the efforts of first responders, such as the Victim Rescue Unit (VRU+) which protects individuals against heat, flame and toxic fumes.  The Last Chance Rescue Filter® is an escape-only filter device in an out of air emergency while using a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA).

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Last Chance Rescue Filter

Product From Essex Industries, Inc.

The Last Chance Rescue Filter provides the protection needed in an out-of-air emergency.  With its triple filtration and patented technology, it eliminates the potentialy lethal gases present in an structure fire.  When there is no other option but to breath in an IDLH atmosphere, the filter easily adapts directly to the SCBA mask and allows you to continue to update RIT and GET OUT alive.

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