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FirstWatch is web based, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software system that enables real-time Dashboard views, data visualization, analysis and drill-downs into Charts, Graphs and Maps displaying detailed statistical trend, pattern or geographic cluster incident information, all based on user-defined criteria. FirstWatch is used everyday for Public Safety Situational Awareness, Homeland Security, Public Health or Operational standpoint (including performance and other quality measures).

FirstWatch analyzes more than 40,000 real-time records daily from 9-1-1 (EMS, Fire and Police) CAD systems, ProQA, RMS, Paramedic ePCR’s, Hospital Emergency Departments, Hospital Diversion systems, Poison Control Centers and more - in real time, automatically!!

Chosen by agencies in 110+ metro areas across the US, Canada and New Zealand (representing more than 74,000,000 + citizens), FirstWatch is the recognized leader in real-time public safety data analysis & automated alerting. See real world examples of usage and Case Studies at:

When Minutes Count…It’s What You Know and When You Know It.


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