Hammerhead Industries, Inc.

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1501 Goodyear Ave.
Ventura, CA 93003

Phone: 805-658-9922

From the start, the first products were put in use to solve fundamental problems which existed in SCUBA diving — gear protection and gear attachment. These products were not developed as something that could possibly be sold, but as products that worked and solved problems. The concept of Retractable Gear Attachment Systems was developed based on the key chain holder idea — but designed for gear, severe environments with high break strength & durability. Grab Your Gear, Use It, Let It Go - It Retracts Back Every Time; is our slogan because it makes whatever you're doing easier, while preventing loss and/or damage to your valuable gear. The original concept of Gear Keepers for SCUBA (flashlights & consoles) has developed into a wide range of retracting products fo Fly Fishing, Outdoors & Hunting, Fire/Rescue, Industrial/Safety, Law Enforcement & Military. Each application has its own set of criteria; saltwater, high temperature, or special mounting or attachment needs.