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2530 Kirby Circle Avenue NE
Suite 306 & 307
Palm Bay, FL 32905 USA

Phone: 845-641-7285

COLD FIRE SUPER SYSTEMS goals are to make versatile fire protection systems and equipment that are reliable, cost efficient, and the best value for the money.
COLDFIRE SUPER SYSTEMS automatic fire detection and suppressant systems are designed for a wide range of applications. COLD FIRE SUPER SYSTEMS units can be installed in all types of vehicles, racing, industrial, construction, agricultural machinery, and marine craft. The versatility of ColdFire and COLD FIRE SUPER SYSTEMS equipment means that we are finding new uses every day and being limited only by our imagination.
ColdFire and COLD FIRE SUPER SYSTEMS equipment works so fast, that the calculation for suppressant / volume ratio has decreased. COLD FIRE SUPER SYSTEMS hits the fire, accurately, where and when it starts, so there is less risk, less damage, and less down time, which equates to savings for the end user.