Key Manufacturing, Inc.

Company Details:
PO Box 129
Cedar Grove,, NJ 07009

Phone: 888-248-7541

We make donation banks that are replica's of Fire Equipment, Ambulances, Rescue Equipment, School buses, Police cars. They are made of sturdy,safe,colorfull acrylic plastic. They are screen printed to resemble your apparatus.They are approximately 4"x5"x9". They easily fit on a counter, next to the cash register at business or any place that the public frequents. They are an excellent way to add donations for volunteer department. They also can be used in career fire department stations for that loose pocket change to help a firemen or their family in case of on the job injury. The have made over 270 banks for the New York City Fire Department's "Thomas Elsasser Fund"
They also can be used for: Awards, Center Pieces at Dinners,
Gifts for Birthdays or Christmas. We can print a name over the coin slot for that extra personal touch. Call, write or email today. We do not have a web site yet, look for updates on that.