Nextel Sprint

Nextel Sprint

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Cellular Telephones IDEN Push to talk Cell phones with Direct Connect Radio Functionality, Priority channel services for Fire and EMS rescue Personell allow group talk and no Blocking of calls or PTT if you are a recognized Fire or first Responder With DHS. Call us today to also Discuss GPS Vehicle Tracking , Handset Based Tracking for Locating Responders via the AGPS system used by nextel...all in the NEXTEL handset you carry could save a life.

We also offer a full range of Wireless data products and Rugged Embedded modems for in vehicle MDT and DATA connectivity using the SPrint CDMA and EVDO networks

We have been serving the needs for Fire and EMS rescue for over 9 years and we serve the needs of the the public sector giving you the service and the specialized consulting for all your Voice and DATA needs

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