Petrogen, Inc.

Petrogen, Inc.

Company Details:
P.O. Box 75610
Colorado Springs, CO 80970

Phone: 719-596-1175
Toll Free: 877-888-6724
Fax: 719-596-4721

Petrogen cuts steel using gasoline as fuel, replacing acetylene. Safer and less expensive to use.

Petrogen began production of the oxy-gasoline torch over three decades ago. Founded by Milt Heft, president, the company has produced thousands of high-quality cutting systems sold in over 60 countries and into every state in the U.S. We take great care and pride in producing the best products possible, and we are 100%25 committed to providing excellent customer service.

Petrogen technology is truly revolutionary and right for today's energy challenges. Our mission is to bring this superior cutting system into the mainstream and give people who cut steel a great new tool. We welcome your questions and comments.