Response Biomedical Corp.

Response Biomedical Corp.

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Response Biodefense tests offer rapid, on-site, biological field detection for first responders, public safety workers, facility security and military personnel with a level of sensitivity, specificity and reliability that is unprecedented in the field of rapid, on-site biological detection. The RAMP® Platform consists of a portable scanning fluorescence reader and single-use, disposable test cartridges. To use, a small sample is added to the test cartridge, the cartridge is inserted into the reader and a positive or negative test result is produced in only minutes. Biodefense tests available include Anthrax (AOAC approved), Ricin, Botulinum Toxin and Smallpox.

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RAMP® Biodefense System - incl. Anthrax, Ricin, Bot Tox & Smallpox Tests

Product From Response Biomedical Corp.

Portable detection system provides rapid, easy-to-interpret, qualitative positive or negative results in less than 15 minutes. No calibration or maintenance required! System provided in durable, waterproof pelican case.

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