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Spartan Chassis

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Spartan Chassis originated in 1975 with a group of four young engineers from Diamond Rio Trucking Company. At that time, Diamond Rio was headed toward bankruptcy. The men saw an opportunity to go out on their own and continue doing what they loved to do; build trucks, and build them well. The men put everything they could into the establishment of Spartan Motors; they took out second mortgages on their homes for capital and pinched every possible penny to make ends meet.


Within thirty years, Spartan Motors, Inc. became a leading manufacturer of custom chassis and vehicles for fire trucks, ambulances, emergency-rescues, recreational vehicles and military defense vehicles. Spartan Motors’ three subsidiaries, Road Rescue, Crimson Fire and Spartan Chassis, have built an excellent reputation for building high quality, flexibly designed, reliable vehicles supported by charismatic customer service. 


Over the years, Spartan Motors’ subsidiary, Spartan Chassis, has pioneered improvements in the fire rescue industry, including fully enclosed cabs, standing-height interiors and seatbelt warning systems, which have dramatically improved safety and comfort for firefighters. Many innovations that Spartan has engineered are now standard in the fire rescue vehicle industry. Spartan Chassis’ ability to build custom fire rescue cabs and chassis that fit the needs of any fire department is unprecedented in the industry.


Spartan Chassis understands the demand for specialized rescue vehicles that serve in vastly different terrains and climates, and their approach to manufacturing reflects that call for customization. Each vehicle is built to spec by hand; starting from one of Spartan’s base platforms and custom designing a vehicle to meet the exact needs and desires of the fire department.


Throughout the entire design and build process, Spartan works with apparatus manufacturer to seamlessly integrate the cab and chassis with the body. Spartan’s OEM Application Engineers often work on-site at the apparatus manufacturer’s location to assist in the vehicle integration process, maximizing the integration capability of the cab and chassis to the body or aerial. Spartan’s partnership with over 50 of the nation’s finest apparatus manufacturers focuses not only on product development, but sales, marketing and service synergies between the companies. The collaboration between Spartan and its partners provides limitless opportunities for fire departments to customize the ideal truck and receive the best customer support throughout the life of the vehicle.


Spartan has a dynamic range of cap options from the 20-inch raised roof bustle back version of the Gladiator to the two-door emergency rescue cab. The models offer many different component options and package choices to cover the whole spectrum of needs suited for any fire department.


Since 1975, Spartan has arisen as a leader of reliable and innovative custom emergency rescue vehicles. The company is dedicated to improving the lives of the men and women who work in the fire rescue industry by making exceptional vehicles.


Everything’s Riding On It.


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Spartan Chassis takes the lead in fire truck safety.

Spartan Chassis takes the lead in fire truck safety.

Spartan Chassis takes the lead in fire truck safety

From Spartan Chassis