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TorqHoist distributes the Griphoist used and recommended by numerous Fire and Rescue departments as an important component of their rigging arsenals.We exclusively market the Griphoist Rescue Kit; which includes the Griphoist and Wire Rope assembly, alon with slings, sheave block and other accessories including a sturdy storage box.

  • 26001 Miles Rd.
  • Suite 2
  • Cleveland, OH 44128
  • Phone: 216-292-5585
  • Toll Free: 800-765-1847
  • Fax: 216-292-5551
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Product From Torq Hoist

The Griphoist® is a portable manual hoist with traversing wire rope. They can lift, pull and place loads across great distances without exceeding their maximum working load limit. These lever operated wire rope hoists are suitable for use in numerous applications and are the ideal solution for professionals. An outstanding option of the Griphoist® hoist is that load capacity of the device can be increased with a sheave block.

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