OptiMetrics, Inc.

Company Details:
3115 Professional Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104 USA

Phone: 734-973-1177
Toll Free: 800-734-6956x228
Fax: 734-973-1199

OptiMetrics, Inc. was founded in 1979 to provide specialized research and engineering services to government and industry. Our primary focus is applying science and technology to protect and enhance the survival of soldiers on the battlefield.At OptiMetrics, our experience and knowledgeable team of scientists, engineers, programmers, and technicians: * Analyzes real-world military system and sensor performance. * Provides management assistance of defense technology acquisition and development. * Breadboards advanced sensing technologies * Develops computer models and simulations of military systems. * Plans, coordinates, and manages laboratory and field test programs. * Creates software applications for command and control system integration.Our headquarters is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our other principal offices are near Baltimore, Maryland; Dayton, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; and Las Cruces, New Mexico.