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CoolShirt Systems


Manufacturer of the Aqua Vest Active Firefighter Rehab System, the first and only rehab system to provide consistent cooling for up to six firefighters at a time. This easy to use rehab system uses ice, water and 110vAC and can be set up in five minutes yet provides hours of consistent cooling to the vests which contain up to 50' of capillary tubing each. The Aqua Vest will return your vital signs to normal, quickly and safely, while cooling your blood and core temperature. Aqua Vests can be easily changed from one firefighter to the next. This Aqua Vest Active Rehab System meets or exceeds NFPA 1584 requirements for active cooling in rehab.

  • 170 Andrew Dr.
  • Stockbridge, GA 30281
  • USA
  • Phone: 678-289-4284
  • Toll Free: 800-345-3176
  • Fax: 678-289-4325
  • Website:

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Aqua Vest Active Rehab System

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Studies have proven that the only thing more effective than our active rehab system is chilled IV.

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