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Pocono Digital Woodshop


I make Accountability Systems...   Epoxy Domed Accountability Tags, Anodized Aluminum Accountability Tags in .080, Fire Clocks, Hitch Covers, Plaques, Accountability Board in Dry Marker and MAGNETIC and HOOK and LOOP. My most popular is the 2 x 3.5 inch PHOTO Epoxy Domed Accountability Tag.  My tags feature a Chrome Grommet for DURABILITY and I offer FREE REPLACEMENT for Broken or damaged tags....   In 2 years I replaced ONE tag....  They hit it with a HAMMER......

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Epoxy Domed Accountability Tags

Product From Pocono Digital Woodshop

I make Custom Epoxy Domed Accountability Tags. I also make Accountability Boards, Hitch Covers, Clocks, Plaques and MORE....   Adding GLOW in the Dark Tags and THICK .080 Aluminum Tags that are Anodized. 

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