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E9 Networks LLC

The E9 Networks advanced E-9000 Fire Station Alerting System allows communication centers to effortlessly and efficiently respond to emergencies by managing the assets of up to 1000 Fire Stations. Public Safety Dispatch Centers can dispatch a piece of fire fighting equipment, EMS or even a specific apparatus to one or multiple Fire Stations by simply selecting them from an easy to understand PC HD console. Visual indications help operator's efficiently select which stations, units or apparatus to dispatch and also to determine each Unit's Status at a single glance.

The E-9000 Fire Station Alerting System is ideal for Public Municipalities that have IP links between its Central Communications Dispatch Center and its Fire Stations. Using IP to send control commands between the central dispatch center and the fire stations increases the alerting speed dramatically and broadens station connectivity to nearly an unlimited range, making consolidation a snap. 

The advanced E-9000 Fire Station Alerting System can operate in a Fully Automatic CAD Mode while still maintaining it's Ultra High Quality Text to Voice station announcements, using it's non-proprietary, fully factory support XML CAD Interface. Since voice or Text to Voice Announcements are independent of Tone-out alerting commands, voice or Text to Voice can be configured to go over IP or over Radio using our non-blocking Radio Voice Gateway Option. 

The E-9000 Fire Station Alerting System can be configured to seamlessly and automatically fallback to radio data signaling without loss of Text to Voice in the event of an IP link failure by using either FSK radio modem backup or by direct P25 Data Messaging. Unlike many other FSA systems, there is no waiting for audio channels to become available even while operating with multiple dispatchers, in a city or county wide emergency situation. IP alert commands generally reach Fire Station in less than one-second regardless of the number of fire stations alerted. Fire Stations not only receive ultra high quality Text to Voce, but also Rip-n-Run Station Printouts, User Configurable Station Tone-outs and Time Stamped Event Fire Station Screen and Log Files.

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Fire Station Alerting System -- that combines Ultra High Quality Text to Speech Synthesis with Fully Distributed Architecture and Seamless Automatic Radio Backup, providing the Best Possible Solution for "Mission Critical" IP Fire Station Alerting.

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