Kirby Morgan Dive Systems, Inc.

Company Details:
1430 Jason Way
Santa Maria, CA 93455

Phone: 805-928-7772
Fax: 805-928-0342

In 1966, a company was formed that would change the face of commercial diving forever. The Kirby Morgan Corporation was dedicated to the development of lightweight, comfortable, professional diving gear. Through the years we have been known by different names - Deep Water Development in 1969 and Diving Systems International in 1977. Though the names changed, the commitment to the divers never did. Now we have come full circle and are once again Kirby Morgan, a name that has become synonymous with quality and cutting-edge design throughout the world. Kirby Morgan Dive Systems, Inc., based in Santa Maria, California, continues to provide the diving industry with our outstanding products, quality parts and service.

Firefighter Trapped: Water/Dive Rescue Emergency

Firefighter Trapped: Water/Dive Rescue Emergency